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Basketball Court Lines & Markings - HoopTactics

Front Court: The term Front Court is used to denote the offensive end of the court from the ...

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There are few major components of a basketball court that every fan, coach, or player must know. During a basketball game or practice, you may hear these components called by multiple names: Basket, Backboard, & Net. Front Court and Back Court. Center Circle / Jump Circle.

Basketball Court Lines and Areas - HoopTactics

The term "Front Court" is used to denote the offensive end of the court from the midcourt line to the baseline. "Back Court" is used to denote the area behind the mid court line. It includes the half of the court from the midcourt line back to the endline.

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Basketball Court Layout, Lines & Markings

Front court – The half of the court containing the basket at which the team is shooting. Back court – The half of the court containing the opponent's basket.

The Top 10 Outdoor Basketball Courts in the World

Courts of the World identifies the top 10 outdoor streetball basketball court s. Pigalle in Paris France Has The Most Stylish Court. Rucker Park – Harlem, New York City, USA. The court at Rucker Park is one of the most well-known streetball court in the world.

Basketball Court Lines - Rookie Road

The Midcourt Line (Half-court Line or Timeline) The midcourt line is located in the middle of the court and divides it equally in two pieces. It is also known as the half-court line and the timeline. This court line has three names.

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Basketball courts are symmetric in nature. It means half of the court is the mirror image of the other part. The size of a professional or organized basketball court is 94 ft. X 50 ft. Coaches, players, fans, and spectators use the same basketball court terminology to standardize the game and avoid confusion.

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Labeled Basketball Court Diagram Here is a simple basketball court diagram along with the rules which explain how the game is played within the given area. The measurements of the court are in accordance with the standards set by National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).