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American vs. Australian. Americans play football on a rectangular pitch, just like in soccer and rugby. Australians, however, use a much bigger, oval-shaped pitch. Aussie rules has 18 players on the pitch, with several more waiting on the sidelines. Meanwhile, Americans have two separate teams for attack and defense.

Football Comparison: Australian Rules AFL vs. American NFL ...

Football Comparison: Australian Rules AFL vs. American NFL by Brittany Soares · 1 June, 2015 Being from America, I have seen a fair share of football games, whether they are in my old high school stadium or on my TV on that special Sunday for the huge Super Bowl spectacular.

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In Aussie Rules Football the ball can be kicked or hand passed and not thrown and the ball needs to be kicked through the middle of the four goal posts for any points to be scored. Unlike rugby, players cannot throw the ball! In Aussie Rules, there are two types of scores, a goal (6 pts.) and a behind (1 pt.).

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Sunday Times News: Football is played with a round ball whereas American football (gridiron) and Australian Rules football (Aussie Rules) are played with an oversized le

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Both American football and Aussie Rules: Run, pass and kick a ball down the field in order to score points. Have odd-shaped balls – the American football is a ‘prolate spheroid’ because that’s also the shape of an inflated pig’s... Tackle the player with the ball. Score points in an end zone. Have ...

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Australian football is a unique code of football played mostly in the southern states of Australia. To Americans, Asians and Europeans, it looks like a hybrid form of other football codes, but the rules of Australian Football are as old as Association football (soccer) and older than American football.

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Australian Rules Football is the most aerobically challenging with many players running more than 10kms in a game, interspersed with long sprints. Rugby involves a fair amount of running forward and running back. American Football is a game of sprinting interspersed with long rest periods.

Explaining Aussie Rules football to Americans : AFL

What separates Aussie Rules further from rugby are the in-game rituals that are performed. Not really. What separates Australian rules from rugby is just about everything. If you want to explain footy to Americans, don't start from any other football code. Start from basketball.